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Full system engineering service

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About ourPCD full system engineering service

1. Pre & post processing service


Pre & post processing service

The reality is that processing equipment can only be used effectively when integrated as matched units into complete systems. A pulse combustion dryer is no different and therefore the full system engineering takes into account the pre-processing requirements of the material to be effectively dried as well as the post-processing of the dried material.

Differences in materials will require specific pre-processing steps (milling, screening, dewatering, etc) and customer requirements will indicate post-processing as to how the dried material must be handled, packaged, and stored.

2. PCD process service

Process Service

PCD process service

We provide a comprehensive solution to the client through the design, manufacture, construction and integration of a drying facility with supporting elements supplied by third parties.

Information is gathered to develop the client’s functional and user specifications. Details concerning capacities, products to be recovered, pre- and post-processing requirements and operational parameters are listed.

Once the plant is designed, built, integrated with current operations and commissioned, personnel are trained to operate and maintain the plant prior to hand over.

The project is managed by we from inception to commissioning and handover to the client.

We additionally offer to operate and maintain the installed plant for a client and therefore can provide the full “Design-build-commission-operate” (DBCO) service to you.

3. Project execution options

Project Execution

Project execution options include:

  • Full turnkey plant
  • Supply individual processing components with PCD always central.
  • Own processing facility
  • Toll drying facility.
  • Joint processing facility
  • Arm’s length sale

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