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Disinfection of process water and drinking water systems

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An introduction to this case study

Water pollution has escalated due to the growing population, improper water management and environmental changes caused by human activity making most of our water sources unsafe for consumption. The inefficiency of many current disinfectants to eliminate all pathogens in the water treatment and distribution systems requires a new approach.

The properties of an effective disinfectant are as follows:

  • Broad anti-microbial ability at ambient temperature within a short contact time.
  • It should not generate any harmful by-products during or after use.
  • The disinfectant itself should not affect human health.
  • Inexpensive and easily applicable for the intended use.
  • Easy to store, highly soluble in water and must not be corrosive for any equipment or surface.
  • Amenable to safe disposal.

Sinowatek offers the INNOWATECH Aquadron® system which provides a very powerful disinfectant INNOWATECH Anolyte® tradename SulafectTM which has the above-mentioned properties.

SulafectTM is a disinfectant where the concentrate is produced exclusively from drinking water, electricity, and high purity salt and therefore it is safe to handle, easy to store and have no harmful by-products.

The active ingredient in SulafectTM, hypochlorous acid (HOCL), kills a multitude of pathogens which are harmful to humans, animals, and plants. The HOCL tear down the pathogens cell membranes and envelope their proteins in a very short time.

INNOWATECH Anolyte® is manufactured in an electrolysis cell in the neutral pH range of 6.7 to 7.2 preventing the formation of Cl2 micro bubbles and therefore it is non-corrosive to water supply or production equipment.

We can install a cost-effective Innowatech Aquadron® station for a client as part of a process or SulafectTM disinfectant can be supplied as a liquid product to disinfect drinking water, treat waste / process water for release or re-use.

Technologies used in this case study:


Look at how we deal with the followingchallenges:

1. CIP system water treatment

CIP System

CIP system water treatment

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are automated systems used to clean the interior surfaces of food and beverage process equipment, without disassembling the equipment. During the sanitizing rinse of the cleaning process disinfectants are used to kill germs in the system.

The cleaning and disinfectant agents in conventional CIP stations are expensive and the CIP process requires a significant time and effort. The cleaning and disinfectant materials are subject to rigid safety regulations for storage, handling, and disposal.

These agents kill germs aggressively while impacting the life of pipes and valves. Proactive thermal disinfection as an alternative to chemicals is also time-consuming, energy intensive and not always effective.

Sinowatek offers the INNOWATECH Anolyte® tradename SulafectTM as an efficient disinfectant for CIP systems.

Using the SulafectTM disinfectant in CIP plants give rise to high disinfection activity. Individual programme steps such as acid treatment after the main cleaning step and the freshwater rinse after disinfection can be eliminated.

The Aquadron® systems and the active agent, INNOWATECH Anolyte® (hypochlorous acid), have already proven reliable in a variety of industries over an extended period.

2. Disinfection of hydroponic water


Disinfection of hydroponic water

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants using only water, nutrients, and a growing medium. Automated nutrient solution systems form part of the hydroponics to enable controlled dosing of water and nutrients for each plant. Unfortunately, these systems are susceptible to fungal and root diseases caused by microbial growth.

Applying a disinfectant to the nutrient solution can combat the microbial growth significantly, however most effective disinfectants for hydroponics can also be toxic to the plants used for the hydroculture.

Another problem is biofilm that form which can block parts of the irrigation system while sheltering pathogens and cause crop failure. It Is known that biofilm are excellent reservoirs for bacteria and fungi that can harm the root systems of the plants.

INNOWATECH Anolyte® (tradename SulafectTM) is a very powerful disinfectant where the concentrate is produced exclusively from drinking water, electricity, and high purity salt. SulafectTM possess very high bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal activity (about 10 times stronger than chlorine dioxide).

The most important advantage of the disinfectant is that it is manufactured within an electrolysis cell in the neutral pH range of 6.7 to 7.2. In this pH range, the proportion of hypochlorous acid, the substance necessary to kill germs, is over 85% while preventing the formation of Cl2 micro bubbles.

The active ingredient in SulafectTM, hypochlorous acid (HOCL), kills a multitude of pathogens. For example, pythium infested hydroponic systems can effectively be treated by using SulafectTM in the nutrient solution.

Bacteria find a well-protected habitat in the slimy biofilm deposits in the pipe systems of hydroponics. By using SulafectTM in the irrigation system, the biofilm is destroyed along with the bacteria that might be harboured by the biofilm. This wholly “organic”, disinfectant, not harmful to plants, will ensure healthy hydroponic systems.

3. Disinfection of drinking water systems


Disinfection of drinking water systems

INNOWATECH GmbH has a well proven experience in drinking water treatment and already installed more than 200 Aquadron® systems (membrane cell electrolysis systems) in hospitals, retirement- and nursing homes, schools, sport centres and hotels.

The INNOWATECH Aquadron® systems provide a reliable solution for the removal of all kinds of microbiological pollution and a protects against re-contamination.

Particularly noted is the control of “Legionella pneumophila" appearing in water tubes, fittings, air conditioning systems, air washers, hot water systems, cooling towers, water reservoirs and cooling circuits as a key application.

Sinowatek offers this disinfectant technology for clients in South Africa and Africa because of the following advantages:

  • No storage and transport of hazardous chemicals is necessary because INNOWATECH Anolyte® tradename SulafectTM concentrate is produced exclusively from drinking water, electricity, and high purity salt.
  • On site production of the concentrate with the INNOWATECH Aquadron® system ensure low stored volumes in storage tanks. Thus, the stored SulafectTM solution in the buffer tank is not regarded as water hazardous.
  • The active ingredient < 0,1 % (w/w) needs not to be labelled as eco toxic. There is no danger of storing toxic substances close to food products.
  • Disinfection application and drinking water treatment can be done in parallel with other systems.
  • Hazards for personnel handling dangerous substances can be avoided.

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