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Pulse combustion drying test centre

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About thepulse combustion drying test centre

At the Sinowatek Pulse Combustion Dryer (PCD) Test Centre the licensed PCD technology is used to evaluate materials to be dried for suitability and compatibility with the drying method. Energy consumption and product quality parameters are confirmed in this process allowing the design and construction of scaled-up production PCD units.

The PCD Test Centre includes a pilot PCD that is used for demonstrations as well as small batch toll drying. The pilot PCD includes the PCD engine, drying chamber and powder collection equipment supported by general laboratory equipment used for process evaluation.

This in-house test center allows Sinowatek to engage in product development by processing slurries and pastes from different origins into powder form. The service is offered to customers in addition to developing own products. The process evaluates the suitability of the drying method vs the product with processing parameters and generates powder for external quality attribute verification of the input materials versus the final product.

Once the product and drier parameters is collected for the application, Sinowatek will provide, as specialist designer and applicator, the required process analysis and engineering inputs. The design of the complete process that can receive, process and deliver products to specification is provided.

Sinowatek also manufacture and service the Pulse Combustion Engines to meet the various customers' needs according to the ISO quality management system implemented in the PCD Test Centre.

We offer to examine any waste stream, product, or by-product to determine if it can be dried by PCD. We ensure to achieve the best-dried product characteristics of the final product.

PCD Centre

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