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Water disinfection –
Full system engineering service

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About thewater disinfection service


1. Laboratory tests


Laboratory tests

Innowatech GmbH is our partner and therefore we have the advantage of sending reclaimed, process, drinking, and wash water samples to their laboratory in Germany for testing. Among other the cation and anion concentration of the samples is evaluated to determine whether the water samples can be disinfected with INNOWATECH Anolyte®.

2. Complete package solution

Package Solution

Complete package solution – installation of Aquadron® station

With the results from the laboratory tests your functional and user specifications can be developed. Once the complete Aquadron® station is designed, built, integrated with current operations and commissioned, personnel are trained to operate and maintain the equipment prior to hand over.

The project is managed by us from inception to commissioning and handover to the client.
We additionally offer to operate and maintain the installed plant for you.

We want to understand your challenges and problems therefore please contact us for an assessment or consultation.

3. Supplier of Sulafct  TM 

Sulafect Bottle

Supplier of SulafectTM

The NRCS granted registration for the INNOWATECH Anolyte® disinfectant that is produced by our own Aquadron® installation in our manufacturing facility under the tradename SulafectTM.

We therefore are in the position to supply you with SulafectTM for all your disinfectant needs.

The active ingredient in SulafectTM, hypochlorous acid (HOCL), kills a multitude of pathogens which are harmful to humans and animals by tearing down the pathogens cell membranes and enveloping their proteins.

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