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A sustainable solution for combating biofilm in animal farming water systems

Nico Erasmus
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Biofilm manifests as a "slime layer" comprising a mixture of microorganisms, organic and inorganic materials in water reticulation systems. Biofilms in pipes and water systems serve as continuous sources of germs and pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that infiltrate the bodies of livestock and cause health problems. The entry of lime, iron or manganese into the water systems leads to the formation of deposits that create a favourable environment for biofilm growth.

Biofilms thrive in every water-bearing line and this is exacerbated by conditions like low velocity, limited water flow, elevated temperatures, nutrient inputs from soil particles, medicines and feed additives. Germs enter through troughs via droppings, urine, saliva and food debris. Stagnant and dead-end lines intensify biofilm growth. The most concerning attribute of biofilm in animal husbandry is its ability to rapidly repopulate previously disinfected areas with germs.

Pathogens residing in a biofilm may collaborate and share genetic material and information, resulting in high resistance against conventional chemicals and antibiotics. Consequently, many cleaning and disinfection agents are no longer effective in combating biofilm.

Biofilm growth in pipes

Environmental Organic Disinfectant

Water is typically viewed as a passive element in the disinfection process but what if water could play an active role in sanitation and disinfection without the need for added chemicals? Innowatech has developed an environmentally friendly disinfectant and cleaning agent using membrane cell electrolysis to produce electrochemically activated water. This disinfectant concentrate is produced from only drinking water, electricity, and high-purity salt within the Innowatech reactor.

The Innowatech reactor comprises five components: the inner reactor core (Anode),the outer reactor surface (Cathode), a ceramic membrane positioned between them dividing water into two chambers: the anodic and cathodic chambers. Brine flows into both chambers with electrical current passing between the anode and cathode. This results in two separate solutions that are harvested from each chamber: Innowatech Anolyte® and Catholyte. Without activation, these products naturally degrade into benign water.

Innowatech membrane cell electrolysis

Thanks to the unique reactor structure and precise electrolysis control, Innowatech Anolyte® is created within the electrolysis cell at a neutral pH range of 6.7to 7.2. Within this pH range over 85% of the product is hypochlorous acid that is necessary for germ elimination. This is because Innowatech's Anolyte® with hypochlorous acid as its primary component mimics how the body defends it self against pathogens.

How the body defend itself against pathogens

Germ killing mechanism of INNOWATECH’s Anolyte®

Hypochlorous acid as the primary component of Innowatech's Anolyte® is the most effective germ-killing chlorine species. Its structure closely resembles that of water, allowing non-ionic hypochlorous acid (a weak acid) to easily penetrate cell membranes. It subsequently reacts with proteins and nucleic acids effectively destroying the cell and rendering recovery impossible and therefore no resistance from the pathogens against this disinfectant is possible.

Approaches to fight biofilm in water systems of animal husbandry

Prevention is always superior to cure. Innowatech Anolyte® can be employed to safe guard the animal's immune system by actively seeking and destroying pathogens. The Catholyte, on the other hand, supports the animal's vegetative system.

The Innowatech Aquadron System produces Innowatech Anolyte® and Catholyte concentrate that put the farmer in a position to follow a comprehensive approach by disinfecting water, air, and all surfaces:

·        Continuous biofilm treatment of animal drinking water and its piping systems.

·        Periodical treatment of stable air to counter airborne pathogens.

·        Treatment of all surfaces, including the animals' skins.


Maintain control over biofilm with the ultimate environmentally friendly Innowatech Anolyte® disinfectant, regardless of the setting. Your animals' immune systems will express their gratitude through enhanced health, faster growth, reduced mortality rates, improved feed conversion, better water intake and a diminished need for medication.

Ready to make a positive change for your farm and livestock?

Contact us today! We are proud distributors of the Innowatech Aquadron® equipment in South Africa, enabling you to harness the benefits of the Aquadron systems and the Innowatech Anolyte® disinfectant concentrate, marketed as

Sulafect TM.

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